The company employs multiple strategies to provide solutions to qualified clients in asset management in global equities, fixed income, distressed securities and derivatives. Zumlon Instinct Algorithms are utilized to detect opportunities for active engagement in the markets. In leveraging its quantitative capacities, Zumlon Technologies also offers independent quantitative research and custom analytics to clients in a wide variety of industries. 

The success of positive alpha returns for the company's asset management programs is dependent on execution of multiple strategies that are enveloped in the following five categories:

(1) Event and volatility driven management
(2) Fundamental long/short strategies
(3) Global macro driven investment
(4) Distressed securities

(5) Derivatives based asset management

ZIA discerns irregular opportunities
The company develops its core mathematical and Zumlon Instinct Algorithm or ZIA that identifies opportunities and relative values in each facet of an underlying instrument, from macro variables like interest rate and policy impact to more granular level metrics such as effectiveness of targets' debt dissection and credit quality, marketing campaigns and brand enhancement or erosion in the long run. We also deliver our research and analytics services to qualified clients.
Mixed Historical Blogs

Ukraine Crisis - Another Event to Unnerve the Market

As Ukraine mobilized her troops in confrontation with Russians, global markets sold off sharply. Is this a coincidence that the equity market was about to back off from its record closing levels? The event has prompted fund managers to gauge the impact of the crisis and adjust their positions accordingly and immediately...more
Beyond The Current Slump of Bed Bath & Beyond
After the New Year, Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) opened its book with quarterly earnings missing average analyst's estimate by about 3%. More prominently, the comparable same store sales only increased by 1.3% in the quarter, it also missed the average estimate of 2.7% on the Street for that metrics. The news and cautious outlook from the company sent it share lower. As of January 22, the price dropped 20% from its 52 week high set on January 3...more
Shopping For Women's Apparel Stocks
Spring is here, let's go shopping. I am not talking about apparel, but stocks of apparel stores instead. In addition to department stores in shopping malls across America, there are five major women's apparel players in the field, ANN Inc (ANN), Gap Inc. (GPS), Limited Brands (LTD), Ascena Retail (ASNA) and Urban Outfitters (URBN). Some of them exclusively focus on women's apparel business, while others concentrate more than half of their energy and resources on women's clothing. Just like customers, investors search for values and bargains, hoping to get good deals. Share prices and three common financial metrics will help us do the search...more
Cigna May Be One Of The Best Diversified Plays In The Managed Care Industry
Cigna (CI) has seen its share taking off from its July - August low, breaking into higher ground with a strong upward trend. It is approaching its 2007 pre-split high in the late fall. In the mean time, other healthcare heavy weights faltered near where they had been in the last mid-summer doldrums. Especially, those that have larger exposure to the public sectors such as Medicare and Medicaid or SSB have lost ground, only continuing to see their shares depressed in the years to come...more

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