The company employs multiple strategies to provide solutions to qualified clients in asset management in global equities, fixed income, distressed securities and derivatives. Zumlon Instinct Algorithms are utilized to detect opportunities for active engagement in the markets. In leveraging its quantitative capacities, Zumlon Technologies also offers independent quantitative research and custom analytics to clients in a wide variety of industries. 

The success of positive alpha returns for the company's asset management programs is dependent on execution of multiple strategies that are enveloped in the following five categories:

(1) Event and volatility driven management
(2) Fundamental long/short strategies
(3) Global macro driven investment
(4) Distressed securities

(5) Derivatives based asset management

ZIA discerns irregular opportunities
The company develops its core mathematical and Zumlon Instinct Algorithm or ZIA that identifies opportunities and relative values in each facet of an underlying instrument, from macro variables like interest rate and policy impact to more granular level metrics such as effectiveness of targets' debt dissection and credit quality, marketing campaigns and brand enhancement or erosion in the long run. We also deliver our research and analytics services to qualified clients.
Zumlon's Blogs

TSLA Is A Long Term Buy With More Bargain Price In Sight

On September 4, 2014, Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) reached its zenith of $291.42 and then lost momentum. It tried to regain the lost ground in the summer rally of 2015. It did manage to run within a striking distance from the old high, but was far cry from the trend line high of $330. Short sellers discerned the weakness and the opportunity to bring down the issue relentlessly. In meantime, the global macroeconomic environment also turned gloomy in the second half of 2015 and early 2016 with the backdrop of hard landing Chinese economy and collapse in commodity prices. However, TSLA has to break 184 levels before bears decisively gain upper hand. Are these good old days behind TSLA.....more

More troubles or opportunities for mid to high end department stores in consumer discretionary space?

After horrible quarterly reports and comps, Macy's (M) and Nordstrom (JWN) got mired in their decisive downtrends in the vicinities of 52 week lows. Investors have questioned the disconnection between a stronger US labor market, sliding oil prices, and the poor results from these companies and wondered whether it is a good time to go bottom-fishing on these issues.....more

Greece, another time bomb to the market

In a published forecast by the European Commission, the Greek economy was projected to grow only 0.5% that is much lower than 2.5% initially estimated in February. However, the Tsipras Government already planned a budget for public sectors (public health, defense, government pensions, etc.) based off of the existing estimate, exacerbating the dire debt problems....more

What Will the Treacherous Market Bring About Next?

Recent strong US economic began to put upward pressure on US interest rates. European economies are stagnant, Japan enters another recession, and Chinese economy continues to loose momentum. The rally seen in the greenback against other major currencies seems not to stop , which in part dragged down crude oil and commodity prices. The trade of long dollar / short commodities is still in play. OPEC's decision not to cut production surprised the energy market that kicked down another leg in last two weeks....more

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